Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Law

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The lawyers of the Law Offices Aronov & Partners have built a strong reputation as experienced attorneys in handling M&A projects (transactions) involving major international and Russian companies specializing in transportation and consumer goods production, construction, investment, trading and IT. At least half of the M&A projects, which we have handled, are governed by the laws of foreign jurisdictions, including English, Italian, Liechtenstein laws, etc.

The Law Offices Aronov & Partners handles M&A projects (transactions), and provides the following services:

- due diligence of the acquired asset (legal);

- transaction structuring;

- negotiation of terms and conditions of the transaction;

- preparation and analysis of relevant transaction documentation (preliminary contracts, sale and purchase of asset agreements, options, shareholder agreements, corporate resolutions, voluntary or compulsory share purchase offer, call for redemption of shares, securities, documents required for approval of the transaction by governmental authorities);

- approval of the transaction with public authorities (FAS of Russia, Government Commission, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, etc.);

- upon request, provision of legal opinion regarding the project (Legal Opinion).

Our specialists have extensive experience in legal support of issuers as part of public and private share offers, issue of bonds in Russia.

The Company Aronov & Partners provides legal advice with respect to the following transactions:

- offer of shares at the Russian stock exchanges, including Initial Public offering transactions (IPO),

- delivery of voluntary / compulsory share purchase offer,

- issue of bonds of Russian companies.

The expertise and hands-on experience of the lawyers of the Law Offices Aronov & Partners in corporate law enables us to carry out all types of corporate reorganizations, establish and optimize holding structures, provide legal support in the course of business operations and support complex projects, included in the jurisdictions other than Russian Federation.

Our experts have considerable experience in development, implementation and verification of corporate procedures and policies and including anti-corruption and anti-trust policies, procedures related to purchases, disclosures and protection of information, receipt and provision of gifts, charity, etc.

Aronov & Partners offers the following services:

- establishment and structuring of business (including transnational holdings and companies incorporated for special purposes), compliance with all regulatory requirements for regulated business areas;

- provision of legal counsel with respect to corporate restructuring (reorganization and liquidation);

- negotiation and development of commercial contracts;

- consulting on any matters of corporate relations, including matters of corporate governance, development of required corporate procedures and policies in accordance with the laws, implementation and subsequent verification thereof;

- preparation of documentation and holding of the meetings of the board of directors and/or general meetings of shareholders;

- protection of owners of companies against corporate takeovers (hostile takeover).