Accreditation of representative offices of foreign legal entities

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Accreditation of representative offices of foreign legal entities in Russia has always been very popular service among foreign investors.

In accordance with the Federal Law dated 09.07.1999 № 160-FZ «On Foreign Investments in the Russian Federation» a foreign legal entity may perform its activities in the Russian Federation through the branch, representative office from the date of its accreditation, unless otherwise set forth by the federal laws.

Nowadays, this service has become even more relevant in light of deoffshorization. The Tax Code of the Russian Federation states that a foreign company, having its registered office in other jurisdiction and operating in Russia through a separate division, may register itself as a tax resident of Russia.

In such case, the said foreign company is not treated as controlled foreign company pursuant to Article 25.13 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

Our services:

- Preparation and registration of corporate documents and powers of attorney in accordance with applicable laws in a foreign language as required for establishment of the separate division in the Russian Federation;

- Legalization of documents subject to the location of a foreign company. Notarial certification, apostille;

- Translation of documents into Russian, notarial certification of translator's signature;

- Filing documents with the CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) of the Russian Federation in accordance with the requirements of the law;

- Filing documents with the authorized registering body of the Russian Federation;

- Provision of consulting services in respect of express delivery of executed documents within 10 days from the date of filing application with the relevant authority.